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Phone: 02 48615356
Mobile: 0419 614711

10am – 5pm 7 days/week
(enter from rear car park)

Cabinets 121 (small room just opposite  the Reception Desk)
Dirty Jane’s Antiques Markets
391-393 Bong Bong Street, BOWRAL NSW



Edison Cylinder Records

We carry a large selection of Edison Cylinder Records with an ever changing list of recordings, both on cylinder and disc records. We have now been able to put these recordings onto a downloadable list. This list is a "starter" and will be frequently updated as we are able.

If the item you are looking for is not on our current list, please do contact us with the details... it could be sitting on our shelf, waiting its turn for listing. Although we do have multiple copies of many of these records, we have listed only one of each to keep the list size within readable proportions.

Time involved would not permit us to accurately list "condition" of every record, if we are to ever get them listed in any quantities, before they are sold. However, we do appreciate the importance of "condition" to the purchasers, and we will be happy to give detailed condition report on individual records upon receipt of customers enquiry.

Download Cylinder Records Stocklist (MS Excel Spreadsheet)

All care is taken in the packing and forwarding of all items we sell, but Wax Cylinder Records are only sent at the risk of the purchaser. Blue Amberole and other celluloid cylinders usually travel very well. Many, but not all, cylinder records, still come with their original box and lids intact.

Prices are:
Edison Black Wax 2 & 4 min .. $15.00 each.
Edison Blue Amberoles .. $12.00 each.

For information on specific items please feel free to contact us or check out our item catalogue which contains many cameras and accessories.

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